The Music Shop

The Music Shop presented by Vashon Opera

Music by Richard Wargo


February 7, 2015, 10:30 am


A special opera presentation for the opera fans of the future!
Sung in English; running time is approximately 45 minutes

Chautauqua Elementary School - Performance Room
9309 SW Cemetery Road, Vashon

American composer Richard Wargo's The Music Shop will be presented as a free performance for the children of the island. Laugh aloud as a mild-mannered man comes to a sheet music shop to purchase a song, but...he can't remember the title or tune of the song! What ensues is sure to amuse both kids and adults alike.

The shop owner, Dimitri and his assistant Masha try to help the hen-pecked husband Ivan but he knows nothing about music. While they sing bits of well-known tunes to jog his memory, he is plagued by hallucinations of his demanding Wagnerian soprano wife. There is a happy ending, it's genuinely funny, and your children will be dazzled by the art form of opera!